Longtime cannabis activist Dana Larsen wants psychedelic mushrooms to be the next decriminalized drug. Highlights of her career include founding the Mt. Royal Vocal Academy where she served buy golden teachers online in canada as Artistic Director, adjudicating music festivals throughout western Canada, chairing the Rozsa national voice competition… Read More

In our daily reports, we comment on the background and outlook for the gold price, but from time to time we refer to other precious metals. This means that following the new guidance, many of the hundreds of crypto exchanges operating globally will have to apply and be licensed as securities dealers to work in Canada, if they maintain their current… Read More

Not knowing letter names is related to children's difficulty in learning letter sounds and in recognizing words. Most are a nonsensical mix of Latin and Cyrillic letters, including a backwards У, an upside-down Q, and even a backwards 4. These are for flavor; the one sign meant to be comprehended reads РЯОᒐEꓘꓕ А-13, with a flat-topped A … Read More

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