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Participants will work with team members or those from similar settings to consider and plan how to action and implement learning to influence and improve clinical practice. Evidence shows spending time in nature improves our mood, decreases stress levels, lowers our blood pressure and more. Enhancing our wellbeing is the best investment we can make in ourselves. Apart from physical health we all seek peace and happiness - a sense of internal calm. Vodafone Warriors staff have combined with wellbeing partner Le Va to deliver a programme titled Atumai which aims to build self-worth through cultural identity. These can be run as one off sessions or as part of a wellbeing programme that I would be happy to talk to your more about.
A workshop to help find inner confidence and communicate with impact. Get in touch today to discuss how we can support your wellbeing workshops needs. Book 4YoungMinds for public speaking, panel discussions, presentations and workshops for Conferences and Events.

You will learn strategies that will enable you to have a peaceful, healthy, and happy holiday season. Sometimes we feel defeated by the inherent difficulties of life. This workshop is designed to help us explore how a shift in our perspective can transform our challenges into meaningful experiences and lead us to engage in life in hopeful ways. The way in which we view life events has a direct impact on our psychological well-being, mood, engagement, actions, and attitude.
The physical distance between work and home has disappeared for many of us. It is important to create different types of “distance” between work and home to sustain work-life balance. Check out this video to learn strategies to create this balance. The MyWay to Health team is here to support you with your health and wellness goals.

DBT- Taking Next Steps is not offered during summer session. International Student Support Group is not offered during summer session. She runs a blog, An Eye Behind, that focuses on the secret life of London. Her work has been featured in Sivana Spirit, HubPages and Virily. Thrive invites voices from many spheres to share their perspectives on our Community platform.
If our construct of reality is negative then it will be reflected in our interactions with others, our belief in ourselves, and it will taint our perspective of our ability to flourish in life. In this workshop, participants will learn how to apply the CDA approach to help improve their engagement with themselves, others, and their work while enhancing their overall psychological well-being. We will review definitions of individual and collective trauma, emphasizing its ubiquity and the importance of trauma sensitivity in impact-driven work. Participants will practice responding to signals of distress in others and themselves, plus develop an action plan for their unique field site. We will discuss the risks of vicarious trauma for impact-driven professionals, and explore self-care strategies for prevention. Everyone deserves to thrive in a mentally healthy workplace.
This workshop will provide you with practical mindfulness tips to increase self-awareness. You will also learn daily strategies to connect with yourself and others with greater compassion and empathy. Have you ever felt overwhelmed, sad, or lonely in your college experience and wondered, "is it just me?" You are not alone! Come learn about common mental health challenges of college students, the stigma and barriers students face, and how to break the silence on mental health. Mid-life is a great time to implement diet and lifestyle changes as your forties are generally the period where improvements can make an impact on your future health.

Stay engaged by joining theMyWay to Health Microsoft Teams Channel. You will have access to virtual Wellness Workshop cooking classes, weekly wellness content, and support from your wellness consultants and WashU community. More information on MyWay to Health and free wellness consultations.
If you’re looking to improve your HR support system, breaking stigmas revolving around mental health and workplace stress is the first step towards a happier and healthier workforce. We have created a four-part workshop series that focuses on how to be more present and reduce stress, how to better regulate your emotions, coping skills to live a balanced life, and even how to sleep better. With social distancing in effect, we have made these workshops available online in the form of screencasts. Stress, anxiety, and mental health crises are at an all-time high. Providing resources for your team to stay mentally, physically, and emotionally fit is more important than ever. Our workshops are more than a powerpoint—we designed engaging, interactive courses to inspire your team to embrace total mind and body health.

This virtual workshop will help you identify the anxieties that drive your procrastination behaviors and will provide easy exercises you can do whenever you are feeling tempted to procrastinate. As we try to balance working from home and parenting, often with online schooling, it's easy to feel our identities, mindfulness and calm demeanor slipping away. Learn early intervention methodologies to support yourself, coworkers, friends or family if mental health issues arise. The office of Relationship and Violence Prevention and Services is also home to trauma-informed care expertise for campus partners, and specialized programs for trauma survivors.
The mental wellbeing workshops are led by peer facilitators who will provide practical tools and advice to help migrants to support their own wellbeing and that of their friends, family and community. Our migrant facilitators understand first-hand the challenges of living away from home and family support, residency issues and the reality of life as a migrant living in Queenstown. Our corporate wellbeing workshops are designed to do just that. The primary focus is on reducing stress to sustain high performance, while also creating awareness of work-life balance parameters.
In such a dark time, it has been difficult for myself and my team to remember exactly why we are amazing, what we are truly gifted in, and how and WHY we should be sharing our accomplishments with others. It was motivational, and is a lesson in self-advocacy and kindness that I utilize in my personal and professional life. This interactive workshop provides a safe space for teammates to connect with gently-guided conversations in order to build psychological safety. We would love to help your business identify services with healthy ageing nutrition in mind. Stakeholder workshops are for people who work with community groups and individuals to support their wellbeing.

How do you move forward after experiencing traumas and other major difficulties in your life? To avoid becoming stuck, attend this workshop to learn evidence-based practices that you can incorporate in your life to move forward. You can’t erase the hardships you have experienced, but you can grow through them to become a stronger, wiser, and healthier version of yourself. Attend this workshop to learn effective methods to reduce stress during the holidays.

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