Sash Window Repairs

Sash windows have been a prominent choice in homes for centuries. I want them to lock,function and look as they did years ago when the old masters worked on sashes were crafted not only to look stunning, it was also intended that after some time, when the timber gets tired or rotten, they would get all the required repairs.
The Original Box Sash Window Co covers the south-east of England from its Windsor base, and John Rose reckons on an average budget of £15,000 Double Glazed Sash Windows to refit a whole house, or £10,000 for a couple of large bays; doing a number of windows at a time is more cost-effective, he explains.
The other benefits of these beautiful windows in the fact you can open them up high so if you've got a balcony or somewhere to stand outside then it's extremely easy access as well it was a solution that meant you could still have a sash window that looks elegant but operate effectively in the same way as a door.

Wooden external doors offers much more design options than steel or PVC external doors do. Wooden external doors can be manufactured by custom shapes and sizes, incorporate big choice of molding profiles, glazing options, carvings or panel configurations.

To minimise this requirement we spray finish all our Accoya® sash windows with the finest Teknos low-maintenance microporous paint systems, coupled with end grain sealing and highly-skilled spray application, giving us an unrivalled, long-lasting paint finish.
Double glazed sash windows are an incredible invention that have changed the lives for the good of so many people in the UK. Many of us will remember growing up with horrendous cold conditions and even ice on the glass forming where it's so cold outside.

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With quality workmanship and expert sash window repair knowledge we offer both excellent customer care and what we feel is the best sash window renovation and repair service in London It is our opinion that top quality workmanship combined with a superior level of customer care is all that is needed for any business to excel and to date we are very proud to say this ethos seems to be working very well indeed for both our clients and our sash window repair company.

Historic England and the energy trust suggest that one sash window draught proofing save you up to £20 per year If you consider draught proofing system costs £250 and you save £20 a year, direct payback is there but that isn't the actual biggest benefit of a sash window draught proofing system.
So just because your South London property requires extensive sash window repairs doesn't mean you consider replacement, for example, because there are loads of companies out there that would want to help you repair anyway before taking a step towards extremely costly replacement.

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